Best Cars in India - 2012, All car prices in India

This site is all about 2012 model cars in India. We present the specifications and all car prices in India, side by side, according to their price in a table. The prices shown are the approximate list prices of Cars in all the States of India. These prices keep changing almost weekly due to the Car Manufacturers adjusting their prices. Also there are discounts and free offers for cars which keep changing regularly. So the prices shown are only for reference to give you an idea of the car price. The You will have to phone up the car show room or visit the car show rooms to get final prices. In addition to this list price the on the road car price differs in each state according to the taxes. Insurance is in addition. For all this you will have to add approximately 10% of the list price of the car.

Best Cars to buy in India

With the help of our site, you will be able to decide yourself on the best cars to buy in India, whether it is the cheapest Diesel car in India or the best midsize car in India or the best Sedan cars in India or the best automatic car in India. We even have a page to compare all the best SUV cars in India. So please go through the comparative tables of car specifications on our site to decide on the dream Indian car to buy.

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One of the main concerns of car buyers is the Diesel and Petrol prices in India and whether they should buy a Diesel or Petrol car. We have a dedicated page to help you to decide on whether to buy a Diesel or Petrol Car.

We must also know about all the new car features that are available as options in the latest cars. Some of the most recent options like Double Clutch Automatic Transmission, Turbocharger, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and CRDi (common Rail Direct Injection), ABS (Antilock Breaking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), etc. are all explained in detail on our page on Car Options.